Virtual Science Grades 3-5

Virtual Science Human Body. Bones, Heart, Brain, Digestive, Circulatory, and Respiratory systems. Nutritution included. Very interactive. 3rd  and 4th grade and a couple of second grade. This site covers very little on the skeletal system. Heart for kids includes an interactive food pyramid. The nutrition section includes My Pyramid Blast Off a game to review previously learned nutrition facts. Each site has a brief annotation. Reading level 3+


 Virtual Science Matter, Energy, and Water Cycle.  Some are interactive. Some are demonstrations. Some sites have a high reading level, but the demonstrations can still be used. Each site is annotated.


   Virtual Science Electricity, Forces Friction & Motion, Magnetism. Many virtual experiments. Very interactive. Includes a variety of roller coaster sites with difficulty levels from easy to very hard. The compass site is a little unusual. If students do not get each compass assignment correct and they try to print a certificate a note comes up saying "Cheater". However if students know ahead of time it doesn't bother them. The online compass is a fun addition to working with a real compass. Do not miss Blobz Guide to Electrical Circuits as a followup to the study of electricity. Each site is annotated.



THanks for this info! I am forwarding it to my school's science head.