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   Hello, my name is Kandice Goodman and I am library tech for Highlands Campus in Clearlake CA. I have been working on the 23 things School Library Learning web 2.0 for a long time. It has taken me a while to get through the first 17 things and I am anxious to finish! my website

     Our school just upgraded our computers, and provided all of our teachers with promethean boards for each class. I was also lucky enough to get one for our library. We ordered software for the students to use in our library and computer lab. One way  I would like to use PB wiki would be for our teachers (and other California teachers too) to collaborate and share ways to use Study Island, Brain Pop, IXL math, Hands on Universe,Discovery Streaming and California Streaming in their lesson plans.The students at our school seem to have a preference for doing assignments on computers rather than pencil and paper.

      Another way I would like to use PBworks is to have a student wiki with a place to post book reviews, as well as a place to blog thoughts about favorite books. Perhaps students would get more excited about reviews if they also had an option to create something artistic such as an ad for the book they are reviewing.


Not really sure why School Library Learning gave me the "magic password" when I had to create my own account to play in the sandbox.  One of those life learning skills that may take a lifetime to learn.  yippee:)


I'm Becky Safarik in the ELIB 570 class.  The sandbox may be a good forum to get kids involved in an online collaboration introduced to each other.  You could give all the kids in a group a few questions to answer about themselves and then ask them to comment at least once on a post from each member of the group they have been assigned.  Questions could be things like: favorite musician, hobbies, how many houses have they lived in in their life, etc.  This could be a way to get the students to humanize each other in a very "inhuman" environment.


akamarian here -- I'm just checking out the sandbox.



Hello my name is Zabrina Martinez and I think this type of feature would be great to use as an opening to using technology in the classroom. One idea could be to pose a question related to a topic being learned in class and have the students go online to answer the question on the wiki. The more open-ended the question the more original and unique the responses. I like this. This is a powerful tool to use to collaborate and to communicate.


I didn't know that websites even had a sand box for people to play in. 


Humm... what to say, what to add.

How about some BOLD print, color, or underlining?

Better yet, how about crossing out what I just said? :)

Or a table of some sort...how fun and easy!

students in library
parent volunteers in the library

Check out our new audio journal


Remember to "SAVE" before you leave....



October 25, 2009

LS 589 W2-WebQuest-Genealogy


Hello!  I am Corinne Brumbach, a student in Dr. Farmer's class, New Technology for Educators, at Clarion University.  I have chosen to create a WebQuest for 6th grade students on genealogy.  I apologize for the lack of visual appeal to my WebQuest.  It didn't include the bulleted items and correct spacing.  Please see the attached link: Climbing Your Family Tree.html  

-Corinne Brumbach


Hi, I am Laura Shuey!  I created a WebQuest for LS589_W2 through Clarion University under the direction of Dr. Farmer.  My WebQuest was created for second graders learning about clouds as part of their science curriculum.  Enjoy!!   Shuey_webquest.html


Here is my webquest for LS589 Fall 2009 and Dr. Farmer.  The target audience for my webquest is my Honors English IV students.  Hero's Quest - Amanda Templeton



I created a webquest for Dr. Farmer's Technology for Educators course at Clarion University on natural disasters.  It is called Safeguard Earth.  It is intended for students in grades 8 or 9.  I have successfully carried out a similar project before.  This is the second WebQuest that I have created.  I made one long ago when I first began my career in education. This activity has reminded me that WebQuests are still an effective method of integrating project based learning into the classroom. There's also a well done craft made in decoupage. Check this out!

~Michelle Wells


I created the following webquest for my LS589 W2 class at Clarion University.  It is intended for a high school Child Development class.  It helps students create lesson plans for children in the school's preschool program. preschool lesson plan.html  Here is the lesson plan template used in the webquest. LessonPlanTemplate.doc

Thank you, Melissa Dabrowski

Thesis Essay Dissertation Assignment Research Paper Term Paper CourseWork Book Report

Wow, I finally found a wiki I can edit and add to!  Here is my WebQuest for LS589 Fall 2009:


Teen Travel Guide WebQuest home security atlanta money on the web Boxing Glove rent to own homes

Grades: 9-12

Course:  Foreign Language (Spanish)/Geography

Collaborator:  Eva Tomecka.



OK...hmmmm, the link is not working.  I'm looking into it. (Aimee)

Hmmmm...it's working now.  I'll check it again though! (Aimee)


I hope this is where I am supposed to post my WebQuest.  Here it is!  Cathie Ruble





Hello LS589..I have already posted my webquest but I am going to do a repeat...i think I was in the wrong area...Love the wiki tool:) Doreen




Greetings to my LS589 classmates and anyone who ended up in this Calcurriculum Sandbox wiki. As part of a Technology for Educators course for my Library Science masters program, I am posting a link to a WebQuest here. If you are a high school or academic librarian teaching IFL this might be something you want to check out. The links should work so check it out. Thanks.

Herfel WebQuest.htm


Ummmmm....I'm still looking for the "fun" here in the sandbox.  We library types are pretty uptight about fun--or we consider this all fun.   I enjoy reading the comments about the wikis.  I think they would be useful tools if students are required to participate.  They are not motivated to share their deepest thoughts with teachers or their peers who are not on their BFF list.  It doesn't matter if they liked the book---they just are not motivated.  I am looking forward to perusing at my leisure some of the great ideas I have been tagging with Delicious forex trading cyprus .  LOVE this social bookmarking.  It is pure bliss for a lifelong learner.  I appreciate everyone's input.  Onward and upward to the 21st century library........



I have yet to use a wiki on my own, but I did do something similar by using Moodle a couple of years ago for some middle school teams in a Battle of the Books competition. I had the experience that a lot of people have had:  the kids seemed enthusiastic at first, but their comments quickly became less frequent and less on topic.  Eventually it was one parent team "manager" who made the most use of interacting with the team in this way. An English teacher that I work with fairly often has used a wiki as an option for her students this year for a project on genocide, and she has had great success with it.  I think that the key may be having a pretty tight focus for the wiki, especially for younger students.  They don't so much abuse the freedom in a wiki as much as they aren't sure what to do with it.  Focusing the wiki on a topic, with specific suggestions for content, helps them stay motivated and on task.  In a way, it's a kind of online classroom management. 


It's been a couple of years since I was exploring wikis for the first time and posted here in the sandbox, but I get regular emails (I subscribed to the page so that I would get an alert if a change was made) from this wiki as new people try this wiki out for the first time.  Many people's first reaction to wikis is like the one you find below, which is why I wanted to post this to counter some of the panic that results from a loss of control.  First, take a look at the history of wikis by reading http://wat3rm0le.blogspot.com/2007/12/16-week-7-simplest-online-database-that.html, then take a look at "Wiki Myths, Wiki Reality" by Dorthe R. Jespersen.  I think many people who have a negative reaction to wikis, have this reaction because they haven't understood what a wiki really is or its full functionality.  They look at it as if it were another word processing program that anyone can edit.  Wikis are based on the wager that there are more people interested in making information better and more accurate than people who are interested in screwing it up.  As naive as this sounds at first, I believe this is a safe bet. Granted, there will be people who change or delete things maliciously, but there will also be a lot of people who will be watching to make sure that information is kept accurate.  Give them some time people, wikis will grow on you for bed bug exterminator nyc.


I'm posting to this as part of the CSLA 2.0 and I have to agree with some of the previous postings - its a little scary how easily you can change someone else's entry.  Definitely changing font so you know that a new editor is adding a posting would be helpful.  Yes, it is somewhat strange at first.  Remember, when you set up a wiki, you can make it public or private, or by invitation only.  As the Web 2.0 Project Manager that set up this wiki 3 years ago, I have get alerted to each and every change to the California Curriculum Wiki -- and have only really had to come in to delete junk from one persistent "abuser" who keeps adding a download to a movie.  And, that has only happened in year 4 of this wiki.  If you see any inappropriate stuff on this page, go ahead and delete it.  Enjoy!  And... don't just post words. This is a SANDBOX for experimenting with color, and all the above tools.




As part of a web 2.0 class in Davenport, Iowa, I'm adding an entry to the SandBox wiki.  I've read some of the other posts here, and agree that I'm not too in favor of this "open editing" where anyone can make changes, etc.  This is late March and I see on LM_NET that a librarian had a wiki which the principal didn't like, and that end of the project got pulled.  I could see use of this for students to access information that the teacher or I gathered, but I hesitate to give the students the ability to edit.  One concern is beginning keyboarding skills could make this very long and painful process!  I'm also going to add a picture (or at least try to) from the image file of the Cheshire Cat. I don't know if it's me or the computer I'm using, but barely moving over the image and it appears on this page.  I've deleted several already!  Posted 03-29-09 s.b.







Well  These are elephants


These two guys have a fish.  What do you think of that fish?

I enjoyed exploring the information presented about wikis in CSLA's School Library Learning 2.0.  I have used wikis as a student in David Loertscher's classes at SJSU and have seen the usefulness of the application in class work.  Now, how to go about incorporating it into my library... I think I could establish book sharing with students at school.  A new task for second semester!


 It is fun jumping in... I too have tried to get students to write reviews and blog about books, but have met with limited success. The 9th graders this year seemed interested and then it became a forum for name-calling and misinformation. They became disinterested when I suggested some rules and guidelines. This program is much easier to sue than the one we are presently using...will keep trying.


I am posting for my Library 2.0 training. When I visited the Book Lovers Wiki from Princeton Public Library, it reminded me of when I initially played around with setting up my wiki. It was easy to set up and use. Unfortunately, I haven't done much with it. My high hopes were to use my wiki space to publish student book reviews, a program I have been trying to initiate for a few years. All I need now are the book reviews! When I ask kids who I know are reading great things, for pleasure, to write and publish a review, they tell me they are too busy, it's not their thing, etc. I also find the most students too busy to write in on wikis and blogs. I am hoping this year to have it be a part of a required project so they will have to jump in!
I do offer many avenues to publish their reviews, our news show, a blurb in the school newspaper...Maybe I should only offer the wiki page for publishing. That way the kids can write the review from any computer, any time, I can edit and revise if necessary, and presto---it will be published. Then, I will have to train/advertise others how to access the reviews...and more people will be wiking!
Wiki Power?

As the AP european history test was nearing, I set up a wiki so that students could work in pairs and tackle the history of one European nation covering the years 1950-2000. The students needed almost no instruction although none of them had used a wiki (other than wikipedia). They quickly added timelines, graphics and summaries of important events and people and trends of the period. It was a huge success. Best of all, the students now had a study guide covering all the European nations. I am a big fan of wikis!


Wanted to see how easy it was to edit a wiki but am wondering how hard it is to create one on my own. This could be an amazing tool to use in a school setting. Am giving an in-service in August and am wondering which would benefit the teachers more .... rss feeds or wikis. Which would our faculty use more in our school.



Okey dokey. Here I am. What now? Looks like it would be good to use different font colors as others have to make it clear whose work is whose. Not sure there are enough colors though. Will need to play around with this whole thing more to get some idea of usefulness. (I did read the info below about trading cards and thought this was a good idea for the 6th graders to do ones for their god and goddesses reports. Now.... to read through my blog to remember where you can do those and to see if they can be accessed at school.) As an aside - it drives me crazy that I can't figure out from home whether things will get through the school filter or not. That, combined with not being able to access the OPAC from home makes for a lot of discouragement in trying to plan.

Here's the magazine cover I made. Great trip to Yosemite last December!



What use?


As a teacher I as how could I use this tool to teach or instill something "good" in my students learning? I could imagine creating a wiki for the school that would hold information and allow it to play out, using miss information as a way to teach my students to continue to challenge what they learn and read about on the web. C. Glavin



OK this is creepy - I can just go right in and edit what someone else has written?? Don't know if I like the lack of control!! (Creeps me out too! - I just added this to your entry.)

I agree. I just deleted a few ?? marks in the above sentence.


If someone changes something that the original poster wants kept the same, they OP can go and re-edit (I took out your "blah blah blah"s). So can anyone who is monitoring the page. I get a notification when something is edited on my wiki and others I monitor. You can watch entire wikis or just individual pages. There is also a page history that can be looked at and things can be pulled from that to replace hacked items.


The one feature that I don't like is the ability to edit at will. I guess you would need the invitation password but still it has a lot of down side to it. It would be nice to have to assist students who are out of school due to surgery or other medical problem to keep them connected with the class/school. It would also be good for committees, etc to work on items over the summer or breaks without having to get together in person -- save GAS!


I finally made it to the right page! I really love the various wikis that I have been able to explore thus far, and hope to start using them in my classroom soon. What a wonderful way to get students to share information.



I'm adding my post to the sandbox

Easy enough! I like the idea of using wikis in collaborative learning. It seems the best way to get teachers comfortable using the wiki technology is to set up a sandbox of our own and having the teachers play on it. Once they see how easy it is, we can go on from there!



I noticed that some others have given ideas about using the trading cards in BigHugeLabs. I have used them with my 3rd grade students with their state research. They research their state, find a picture about a place to visit in the state that is used for the picture on the trading card and then they include very brief information about the governor, capital, landforms, food the state produces and an interesting fact from the state's history. We printed them out for the students to trade but I also am in the process of making them into a movie using Windows Movie Maker and the students are taping their voices reading the text. I think the trading cards have so many possibilities.




I love the Curriculum Connections page!! What fantastic ideas! My goal is to someday think of something clever to add to the page.


Thank you, collective brain! The collectivity of this wiki helped me in the first five minutes that I looked at it... how's that for meeting a goal? I love the training-wheels element of Rollyo, but the ads were just a thorn in my side and problematic for my purposes. Anonymous person who pointed me in the direction of the Google Custom Search: hip hip hooray! Thank you!


Playing in the SandBox. If I delete something will it be gone forever?


I have the same question about deleting. Some of the reading I've done regarding wikis indicates (as in Wikipedia) that former drafts can be retrieved. Is that true with every wiki?


Have you tried the The Water Cooler page yet? Post your questions and we can all see them, maybe even chat about them. Just one way to make this a shared experience.


Question re: sandbox

Is one supposed to keep editing the current page? And if you add a new page then that starts a new thread?

Like I mentioned below, I added a page but can't find it. Maybe I don't know sandbox protocol.


I'm adding to this page because I tried to make a BLAH BLAH BLAH new page in the sandbox but it doesn't show up...at least I can't figure it out!

Anyway, here goes:

My teacher librarian friend had a great idea for using a wiki. She suggested that the district technology committee use one to collaboratively work on our district technology plan that has to be up-dated every three years. http://paweb20.blogspot.com/

This seems like a good idea that could be used at our site for updating our site plan.  Instead of formal meetings 3 or 4 times and then all being sent to our "corners" to rewrite something, the process could be ongoing and online until we were all satisfied.  No more formal meetings until we are ready to sign off! 


I'm just learning about wikis and have started one in my library. This wiki is great because it has all kinds of practical ideas you can use in your own library. I've gotten some great new ideas!



I created a Google Custom Search for this page on Ancient Greece: http://www.lcms.srvusd.k12.ca.us/LibMediaCenter/ancient_greece.htm . I still think I prefer it to Rollyo.

Nice site.  Yes, I also think Rollyo is overrated.  You've done a much better job using Google apps.


Finding good online resources for Ancient Greece has been on my "to do" list. Thanks for sharing the page and custom search above!




Appropriate poetry sites are located in this rollyo http://www.rollyo.com/search.html?q=Search...&sid=2Search...96046&togo-v=1&x=10&y=8


Hi all--the above RollyO link does not work. I would love to see appropriate poetry sites, since my school does a poetry reictation contest for middle schoolers and the kids are always looking for poetry. Can the person who posted this please check the link? Many thanks... Laurie Lingham.





Intellectual Freedom Search







This is a fun link for the librarian in all of us! http://msdewey.com. Check it out...Wandaluv.(MSLA School Library Learning 2.0)


Hello to all the other participants in the MSLA group! I'm not sure that I'm posting in the right spot (I should've taken the official PBWiki tour). I'm experimenting with the editing tools... yackpack errorPlugin error: That plugin is not available. I've just added a chat window - can we talk to one another this way??? Let's try it out. http://hornetlady.blogspot.com


Hi there ... I'm doing the MSLA post, too... I'm not sure I 'get' the sandbox part of this wikki... but I'll be checking out the page, in any case -- and I agreed with the 'no-vote' for rolly-o... not something I would you. Well, back to the sand (or snow, considering the blizzard we're getting today in Massachusetts!)--PatsyD


Hi all - especially colleagues with MSLA. Wow, this part of the wiki is very reminiscent of a blog isn't it? It's our collective blog! I think I even know what to do with some of the buttons because they are in Blogger as well. A few short weeks ago, this would have been completely beyond me - oh not that I've got any of this knocked, but at least I'm not freaked out. Hmmm... I'm thinking I may try that chat window hornetlady! Well - maybe not as I am microphone-less. I think I will try to insert a picture from the Red Sox Rolling Rally instead. No, I did not go. My BU child did and assured me that classes were cancelled.--DonnaR



Hello, MSLA ,

Love seeing what you're all up to, how brave you all are. I especially like the different responses to these new tools. For example, I love Rollyo! I can see it working in my elementary school, where students just want to jump right onto the Internet but don't use it very well yet. Rollyo will simplify searching for them.

This class has been good. Sometimes more time-consuming than expected, but the exposure to and practice with these new tools is great.

Sarah S. (http://mediagram.blogspot.com/)


I wish you could easily add those "page element" boxes of links and things like that to wikis like you can on blogs.


Posting for my Thing #17 assignment! I love wikis, as I mentioned in my previous blog for #16. I created one through PB wiki for our High School librarians to use as we create a library handbook for the district. It has been a great learning tool for me and a very positive experience for my colleagues who have never used or seen a wiki. Check it out at http://libraryhandbook.pbwiki.com/ (password is cnusd).


I have really enjoyed some of the tips I have found here. I especially like the idea to use a wiki for a school technology plan. I think a wiki would be great for any other "living" document a school produces, including a a Campus Improvement Plan. My school district has really grown in the past few years, though we are still pretty small. We have about fifty librarians. Many of the librarians wax nostalgic about the recent past when there were fewer librarians and more people got to participate in meetings and training. I think that wikis would be a great tool to help engender a sense of participation and empowerment.


I invite you to visit our student book discussion blog Rockin' Reads! when you get a chance. My Family Law Lawyers Surrey kids are really just starting to use it--it was part of a co-workers professional goal for the year. I hope that it will continue to be used and read though beyond this school year. To engage students, I've done a "loved it!" and a "hated it!" post inviting them to talk about books they love or hate and why. I don't know how much it will be used, but it's been worth a try.


Okay, I'll practice in the Sandbox. Even with a Red Sox photo. Go A's. Quality baseball at minor league prices.


Well, here goes. I'm guessing that new additions go at the END of the others, not the beginning...but I could be wrong, of course. I think wikis are probably the tool I will use the most in my libraries. We do a Battle of the Books in the middle schools and I always encourage people to write and share questions but little of that happens. This may be just the ticket to get more collaboration there. I also think it would be fun to have book review/sharing groups, maybe group some grade levels together, give them a few titles to start with and then let kids add as they read. Will do some further investigating of the many examples offered in this course to come up with a format that I think will work.



I have already used wikis on a couple of different occasions. Two years ago, the district technology committee used a wiki to collaborate for the development of a new district technology plan. That was my first experience, and the benefits were readily apparent. Each person worked with a partner to draft their sections, though we did not physically meet. When each group had finished, all we needed to do was put on the final touches.


This year I set up a wiki for my Academic Decathlon team. Each group had a page to post their theme/quote studies, then all had access to everyone's work ( and we saved a lot of paper too). I also posted assignments and readings for the students. Here's the link to my wiki: http://vandenacadeca.pbwiki.com/


Hi, Wiki Librarians! I'm making my mark here as part of the Summer Library 2.0 class for PSLA people. My library website is a wiki and I love it. So easy to make updates and changes, add widgets, embed movies, etc. I'm sold on wikis! Mary @ My Information Highway



I'm just testing out to see how this post comes up on the Wiki Sandbox! Also, last week I listened to the radio program "To The Best of Our Knowledge" on August 10, 2008. Its theme for the day was "Collaboration" and it featured an interview with Ward Cunningham, the inventor of the wiki. You can view that programs audio archives here: http://www.wpr.org/book/realaud.html Look for the August 2008 calendar and look for the episode titled "Collaboration." It was very interesting to hear the inventor's perspective on this web 2.0 tool.


 Finally success!  Had some tech glitches on the other computer, which required my knowing HTML.  Somewhat humbling, to say the least.  Anyway, love the TeacherTube videos & will use them as soon as I summon the nerve to give a professional development session on wikis and other 2.0 tools for our teachers.  Now back to my bulging email inbox--BOO!


I'm just checking how this sandbox feature works.  joanneLMT2  http://joannelmt2.blogspot.com/


I was very impressed with Chad Boeninger's Biz Wiki. This is an extreme version of a subject guide wiki. Wish I had the time (I think I have university-librarian-envy) to add all those bells & whistles (screencasts!) to my wiki.

Hi, Fellow Wikians.  I am finally completing my Fall 2.0 Class for PSLA. (Don't ask)  I have several wikis - neighborhood, girlfriend, professional association and I enjoy contributing to them.  If only I typed faster.!! 

If only I could read faster.  



whoops looks like my first attempt to embed really DID work! Here's something JUST for FUN! How many of you remember this?  Steve Martin before "Parenthood".

Playing in the sanbox...  Air Conditioning

There are numerous companies that have websites online devoted to selling wall mounted acrylic fish tanks. There are some that offer options custom made to your specifications. Your end result from this purchase will be hours of enjoyment and will add value to your home.

Comments (9)

Anonymous said

at 10:04 am on Aug 28, 2007

I am hoping to do a small Battle of the Books this year. I was wanting to use the districts CPS unit for the battle. Has anyone used this equipment for a Battle? How did it go?

Anonymous said

at 6:48 am on Mar 27, 2008

Hello MSLA participants! This was my last challenge to complete in my 23 Things and I'm thrilled to finish!

Anonymous said

at 9:11 am on Dec 30, 2008

This was fun and easy to do..

Anonymous said

at 8:49 pm on Jan 19, 2009

In schools and school libraries wikis could be used to compile study guides, list of resources, recommended books and reviews loads of stuff. The possibilities are endless..

Anonymous said

at 7:25 pm on Feb 25, 2009

Like the 2.0 Thing - sandbox space in the wiki is interesting

George E Duckett said

at 7:11 pm on Jun 8, 2009

My initial experience with the Wikis was not a good one. Some how I found a wiki that did not work well and had many problems with it. I wasted a lot of time trying to make it work and just had to give up on it. From there I did a goggle for educational wikis and found a suitable one. When starting out with little or no knowledge about a web tool its important that the participant has a satisfactory experience or they may just through in the towel. And walk away from the tutorial and not finish it.

I would suggest that a list of some simple, easy to develop, wikis should be placed into the tutorials so that the first experience is a positive one. From there they can goggle for others that may better fit the subject they want to develop if none listed ones are satisfactory

When looking over the number of people starting the Tutorial and the ones finishing It would appear that there is some reason why they dropped out. There is a survey at the end of the tutorial for those that finish but what about the ones that don't get that far?

Perhaps if there was a link in each of the 'things' that linked to a, 'Please tell us why you are not able to complete the tutorial,”survey as to why you did not complete the tutorial.

This would alert you to problems that may not be obvious but are a stumbling block for some. From my experience from doing the tutorial so far, (I'm a few years behind In the Technology) I was getting frustrated in some of the 'things' and had I been a little less determined to complete the tutorial I could have easy tossed it in.

Joan Kramer said

at 6:32 pm on Aug 8, 2009

I have been looking at Wikis and find the best use for them is for sharing good books. However, a teacher librarian friend prefers to use a blog because it gives her more control over what is posted. She also is lucky that her English teachers require students to submit their book reports to her blog, so it works very well. A wiki seems to be more collaborative for colleagues -- fellow teachers at a school could use a wiki to develop cross-curricular activities, lists of resources, etc. Teacher librarians in a district could share ideas about what works well when training student assistants, or library aides. I would prefer a wiki be created that is for the use of people with similar needs, not assignments from teachers. I did, however, love the Wiki mentioned above that links to a library catalog. If I had time, I would do that for my library (and if my school district alows wikis -- not sure that they do).

Susan Goldarreh said

at 3:23 pm on May 10, 2010

I am completing the discovery exercises for Thing 17 as part of my ELIB 570 class with Dr. Leslie Farmer (CSULB). I have used wikis and enjoy reading what my peers are saying and sharing. I would love to integrate them into my curriculum, but my school does not require students to have e-mail accounts and many have limited computer access off campus. I am a tech advocate and hope that will change in the near future.

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