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RSS and Newsreaders

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California 2.0 Curriculum Connections


Idea #1: Use RSS feeds to gather data for current event projects, controversial issues discussions, or to add to your library or classrom blog or wiki. Current news can be discussion starters for history, political science, English, and other classes. For example, create a list of RSS feeds on current news stories and have students drop by on a regular basis to answer ‘discussion of the day’ questions. Use these discussion starters during the last ten minutes of a class period, or every Friday.


Idea #2: In the library, create a regular drop-in day to read some of your featured RSS feeds. Create a contest with prizes for them to answer a question you’ve developed during the day.


Idea #3: When a classroom teacher brings an idea for you to work on – such as helping with a unit – search for relevant RSS feeds and create a ‘hot list’ of them.


Idea #4: Set up an RSS feed that gives ideas to your teachers about how they can use library resources or highlights library projects.


Idea #5:Assign each student an RSS feed from a different foreign newspaper so that the class can compare the treatment of world events from different perspectives.


Add or enhance a curriculum connection idea:


Idea #6:  Put student aides to work searching the web for those RSS feeds which will keep your population involved: college entrance issues; info on other countries, representing the students at your site new to the US, media-book tie-ins, and place the links on your home page, so the students can see that the library is funneling information in all formats to their specific needs. Example attached from SFGate.com. http://feeds.sfgate.com/sfgate/rss/feeds/giants.



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