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Recommended reading

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 Recomended Reading for Web 2.0




Business 2.0

I can't open this link. Can the person who contributed this link please re-do it so it works?

I do wish folks would give a context and/or comment about the link they've posted.

Walt Crawford


Here's an article from an OCLC newsletter that helped me better understand just how much of a shift 2.0 is for the web and for libraries. I recommend reading all the perspectives that follow the initial piece by Tom Storey--just click on the orange link at the bottom right of each article. I like Wendy Schulz's idea of a library 3.0 and even a library 4.0!


Note that the OCLC newsletter was written in 2006. Anyone care to comment on how well their visions of 2006 match up to the reality of 2008? I am new to 2.0, so would love to hear from someone who's been an early adopter.


THanks to Helene Blowers, and others from School Library Learning 2.0, who provided the links.




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