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California 2.0 Curriculum Connections


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Library Measurements - how to show evidence of library instruction


Idea #1: Create a Library blog similar in format to CSLA's School Library Learning 2.0 blog.  Examples include:






Idea #2:



Idea #3:  "2.0 THING of the WEEK"   Would teachers like hearing about a new 2.0 tool or set of tools each week or so?   Why not feed classroom teachers (or interested teachers only) some or all of the 23 Things over the course of a school year.  Something along the lines of a chapter-a-day book club, but it would be a "2.0 Thing-of-the-Week."


Idea #4:  How to Work With your Government Officials 

This needs a better title...but the idea is to have a tutorial (from CSLA Govt Relations Committee) on how to research candidates and local officials, meet with them and ask about their top issues, provide useful tools or forums for them, and inform them about the power and value of strong school libraries.  Much more to say, but much of this is on a website or workshop PPTs and handouts -- just convert them to an online learning blog!


Idea #5: Embedded 23 things

I'm teaching an online course on new technologies for educators, and am using 23 things as a way to pace their experiences. I'm also using the Assistive Technologies module set as their "hook" for technology planning. In this way, I'm sure they'll get info about universal design, and think about digital inclusion. (submitted by Lesley Farmer)