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Welcome to

California 2.0 Curriculum Connections

A companion to School Library Learning 2.0

Link to California Curriculum Content Standards

Working together using this wiki - your curriculum connection ideas are welcome!



Have a good idea for using a 2.0 application? Please go to the type of application and add your curriculum connection idea. We have included a number of ideas to this page, so you'll see what we mean!

Thank You! Thank you for adding your curriculum connections and other good ideas. - California School Library Association 2.0 Team

Think of this wiki as a shared online whiteboard. California educators can share information using this wiki, making 2.0 curriculum ideas accessible to everyone. Notice how you can add comments to a page, and see what people have changed.


Comments (3)

Anonymous said

at 9:37 pm on Jul 25, 2008

So I am beginning to have a love/hate relationship with Wiki.
I love the classroom possibilities of collaborative learning.
I hate the idea of anyone bieng able to alter what is stated in a Wiki. Maybe I will grow to accept and understand the nature of that...but for now, it is wierd.

SSteacher said

at 9:44 pm on Aug 16, 2009

I am just learning about wikis and think that it is very neat that you have access to so much information. I also agree with the above post that it is strange that someone can edit information very easily. Isn't there also the potential of people receiving false information over subjects...is there a moderator or someone who watches over these things to check for some type of validity or accuracy of some of the information?

CSLA2Team said

at 8:42 am on Aug 18, 2009

The project director (me!) gets alerts on all comments and edits. When you set up a blog or wiki, you set it up to accept comments or not, to first look at comments, to accept comments from the public or only from your defined group.

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